Cape Coral Luxury Real Estate

September 28th, 2020

Cape Coral Luxury Real Estate

Cape Coral Luxury Real Estate is all about Waterfront Living & Boating CommunitiesHomes, Properties, Golf Villas & Condos for SaleWaterfront Gulf Access & Riverfront is a destination for both hearts and minds

Cape Coral waterfront is among the best valued real estate in SW Florida and it’s easy to see why. Beautiful riverfront, gulf access homes & condos and soaring sunsets right from your backyard provides an active and luxurious lifestyle that is unparalleled.

There are hundreds of miles of beautiful Florida gulf access waterfront properties for sale in Cape Coral. Here you find homes in Cape HarbourHermitageTarpon Point, the Yacht Club area and not to forget Cape Coral offers a verity of Golf Club Living such as Cape Royal. Here you will find your tropical paradise from Condos, Villas, Townhouses, Single Family Homes to Estate Homes and waterfront mansions.

Waterfront living in Cape Coral provides a peaceful solitude and air of tranquility that is truly unrivaled. The luxury riverfront estates along the Calooshatchee River offer an incredible selection of architectural styles.

Whatever your desire Cape Coral has you covered. Here in Cape Coral you can start your dream of waterfront living.

Cape Coral Luxury Real Estate – Homes, Properties, Golf Villas & Condos for Sale

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Cape Harbour Homes, Condos, Properties & Real Estate For Sale


Cape Coral is one of the most beautiful cities in the world offering endless coastal living. Southwest Cape Coral with Cape Harbour & Tarpon Point Marina offers gated and luxury waterfront & high rise living and is home to people from all over the world.

Than there is the Cape Coral Yacht Club with a mix of old Florida Style Homes mixed in with new Mediterranean and modern architecture surrounded by water. Perhaps the luxury Cape Coral properties are not what you are looking for? Well, Cape Coral real estate has to offer fine living for everyone, secluded and removed from the busy city life. If you seek a destination that is rich in history and offers great weather and a wide variety of real estate you’ve found it. Owning Cape Coral real estate is the dream of so many.

We offer a wide selection of single-family homes, vacation homes, townhouses, condos, villas & estate homes that caters to families with different cultures and lifestyles. My websites incorporates modern ambience to each residential property that targets the needs of modern families for a comfortable environment to raise their household.

Before you buy you should be prepared and the best way is to get a pre-approved loan or have cash on hand.

Before shopping for homes for sale, you want to shop for mortgage lenders. When you find a lender you’re comfortable with, you should get pre-qualified for a loan. Pre-qualification for a loan is based on the best estimate of the loan officer. The loan officer or mortgage broker believes, because of the information you tell them, that you have good credit and can financially afford a specific loan amount. For this reason, because it isn’t verified, pre-qualification doesn’t hold as much weight with buyers. As well, you could still end up wasting a lot of time looking at houses you can’t afford.

Pre-approved Loans

The second step in getting a mortgage loan is a pre-approval. With pre-approval, the lender has received verification that, you are credit worthy and that you can afford up to a specific loan amount.

Pre-approval not only gives the seller the idea that you’re a good prospect, but it also helps you out while looking for a home.

Now you already know that you’re qualified to buy any home you look at that falls within your verified loan amount.

Now you have better negotiating power with the seller, who may be more willing to accept less than list price knowing that you are already pre-approved. Now you can close faster, narrowing the typical 30-40 day period to close.

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